Martyn Cook

Martyn CookAbout 20 years ago I acquired a 2nd hand 486 computer which I fiddled with, poked, and prodded, until I broke it (deleted part of the OS in an attempt to find some hard-drive space). As a not very well off husband and father of 2, I didn't have the means to pay some-one to fix it for me. So I had to do it myself, which I did.
From there that PC and I went through a cycle of break/fix/upgrade and experiment for a few years. During that time the internet become more mainstream and I started seeing the possibilities it offered to small businesses.
In 2000 I was presented with the opportunity to formalise the skills and knowledge I had gained. A short sharp series of courses and I found myself with the following; MSCE, MCP+I, Certified Web Designer, and Certified Internet Business Strategist (Note: I was looking at Internet Marketing before it was 'a thing'!).
The following few years consisted of gaining experience 'on the shop floor' in various PC repair and IT support businesses until 2004 when I decided it was time to get rid of 'just one boss' and begin working for 'hundreds of bosses'. I have continued to collect certifications that relate to the web development and internet/social media marketing while gaining experience 'on the job'.
I have now completed many, many websites for clients over the last 12 years. From sites that had to work on an 800x640 computer screen, through to current sites that have to respond to screen sizes ranging from mobile phone screens to 1920x1080 desktop screens and larger. From sites hand coded with only HTML, to current web applications developed using CMS frameworks, HTML, ASP.NET, Javascript, jquery, & CSS, among others. Over the same period marketing websites has evolved from search engine rankings and email marketing to include social media marketing on multiple social media channels. So what do I consider to be the biggest lesson in all this time? I would say... this is an industry where you can't stop learning!
Looking forward, the experience, knowledge, and skill set I have gained makes me a strong partner for developing, marketing, and managing your internet project.
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet
Certified Web Designer
Certified Internet Business Strategist