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The Web the Way you Want it

the Web the Way you Want it
We offer professional web development services for organisations looking for a new website or looking to upgrade an existing one. Get a professional design, get it built fast, get it deployed quickly, get the best web site!

We work with a pool of talented web designers specialising in creating designs for DotNetNuke just waiting to give your web site the 'wow' factor: stylish, sophisticated, corporate or just plain fun. Its time to get a website that really stands out from the rest.

DotNetNuke CMS Services

The number one content management system using Microsoft technologies is DotNetNuke. Get DotNetNuke hosting, management, custom skin development, expert advice and consultation here.

Solutions Online is a boutique DotNetNuke consultancy company. We continue to work closely with you and continue to manage and develop your site to keep it current, relevant, and visible. The internet is a fluid entity that requires constant monitoring. This is our point of difference, we consider ourselves a partner in your business; you look after the part of your business you do best, and we take care of your 'online showroom'.

But we do so much more ...

    Complete Management of your Online Presence
  • Keeping your CMS current.
    • As with any other software application, there are updates, upgrades and patches released. To fail to keep up to date with these is to seriously undermine the operation and security of your website.
    • Upgrades often bring new functionality. The best example of this in DotNetuke is the upgrade from v4.9 to v5 that brought all the social networking functionality that so many websites are currently taking advantage of.
    • We track the DotNetNuke project as well as all developers of third party modules and; download, test and then update our clients' sites on a regular basis.
  • Provide and Manage your Hosting environment
    • We do more than develop your site. We own, operate and administer the full hosting environment. DotNetNuke and some of it's third party modules, has some specific security requirements that cannot be achieved in a typical shared hosting environment. By operating the environment ourselves we are able to cater for these requirements.
    • The DotNetNuke application requires more resources than the typical Shared Hosting Provider offers. By managing the environment ourselves we can ensure that there is sufficient hardware resource available to run all hosted websites at their optimum ensuring the best possible performance.
  • Monitor SEO
    • Part of any website project is (or should be) the development of content with Search Engine Optimisation in mind. This takes into account not only which words are used on the site, but where they are placed on each page in the site. This, along with registering the new website (or re-registering an existing site) with; Google, Bing, Yahoo, and is the final step in the development of every website project we undertake.
    • Each website we develop includes a basic google analytics visitor graph within the admin section of the site. Along with this, the site is registered with the google analytics webtool for detailed real-time statistics.
    • We are also able to provide our clients additional SEO services as part of any website development project.

What our Clients say...

Most Recent

  • Very affable and reliable Articled last year
    Martyn Cook has been looking after all our computer requirements for the last seven years.
  • Smooth and easily understandable Articled last year
    As setting up a website is often spoken about as a very trying and messy experience our association put off having a website of its own until early this year.
  • Disaster Averted! Articled last year
    After a long period of web disaster we were introduced to Martyn Cook of Solutions Online (NZ) Ltd and what a blessing that was. We had several websites that where out of action or needed updating.
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